The i-use card is a $20,000 USD limit prepaid card solution offering automated payout and application functionality through our full-service API

Card Genie support system

i-use is a $20,000 USD load limit prepaid card-based corporate payout solution, allowing for the effective management and automation of payroll or payouts to your customers or clients.

The i-use card is supported by Card Genie, our card management platform that can be incorporated into your existing customer systems through our fully-documented API. Features of Card Genie include card management, extending to applications, approvals and loads, card upgrades, float management and more.

All i-use cards are fully funded and the monies held securely in a ring-fenced client account. To learn more see Security of Customer Funds.

Customisable Design

The i-use card can be co-branded, giving it a unique design that works to better showcase your brand and provides reassurance and confidence to your existing customers with a card that bears a familiar logo.

i-use provides product management services for companies wanting to launch their own prepaid card brand, but who don’t necessarily want to develop or operate the card programme themselves.

These are the general steps in evaluating your own card program:

  • » Details and check list of the programme features
  • » Sourcing of necessary partners (Card Printers, Issuer etc.)
  • » Card programme viability evaluation

The client will need to provide:

  • » Company Due Diligence documentation
  • » Prepaid programme feature specification
  • » Prepaid programme business plan

When the programme is live, the Issuer will operate, maintain and enforce compliance of the prepaid programme while it is operational. The Client is responsible for the marketing of their programme, as outlined within the provided business plan. If there is a loyalty scheme the Client takes care of this part as well.

Functionality: Card Usage

Using the i-use card is easy and convenient

Use your card worldwide wherever the VISA acceptance mark is displayed

Make cash withdrawals at any ATM which bears the VISA acceptance mark

Your PIN can be changed at any VISA enabled ATM which supports this functionality

Your i-use card can be used at any POS machine that is VISA enabled

Shop safely online with your i-use card using 3D Secure Code Verification

Your i-use card converts to the currency where you are automatically

Transfer funds between i-use cards online or by SMS

Functionality: Account Management

Transactions on your i-use card occur near real-time, giving you full control over your spending

Access online statements in real-time

Check your Balance online, with our IVR and SMS systems or at an ATM

Keep track of your spending with ease

No overdrafts or overdraft fees

In order to apply for an i-use card you are not required to:

Have a bank account

Undergo any credit checks

Functionality: SMS

You can access i-use card services from your mobile, by using SMS functionality

Function Instruction Example
The card balance TRA BAL ACCESSCODE [LAST 4 OF CARD] TRA BAL 123456 1111
Last 3 transactions TRA TXN ACCESSCODE [LAST 4 OF CARD] TRA TXN 123456 1111
Card to Card transfer TRA XFER AMOUNT TO MOBILE ACCESSCODE [LAST 4 OF CARD] TRA XFER 20 TO +447000000000 123456 1111
Stop notification TRA STOP [LAST 4 OF CARD] TRA STOP 1111
Stop all notifications TRA STOP ALL [LAST 4 OF CARD] TRA STOP ALL 1111
Security: Money Loaded

The money you load to your i-use card is kept safe at all times through a number of safety features

100% Funding

Once funds are received, your prepaid card is loaded automatically

The Client Account

Loaded funds are held in a client account that is controlled by the card Issuer. To protect your funds, i-use doesn't have access to this account. For more information, read about the Security of Customer Funds

Additional Security

The Issuer has to keep a deposit over and above the weekly settlement of all i-use card transactions. This provides our customers with additional security and increased protection of the funds that they load.

No Fractional Reserves

As is governed by the e-money laws within the UK, as regulated by the FCA and enforced by CashFlows Limited. i-use are unable to approve payments on i-use cards unless they have sufficient funds at the time. Additionally, i-use never extends credit to card holders.

Security: Card Safety

The i-use card has a number of security features integrated into it. These are to protect cardholders and vendors alike

The i-use ard has several security features integrated on the card. These are there to ensure that both cardholders and vendors know that the card is genuine, protecting both parties from fraud and unauthorised usage. The features on the i-use card include:

Chip with encrypted PIN

The i-use card must be used at PIN-enabled merchant terminals, requiring a PIN to authorise any transaction

Hot Foil Printing

The i-use card doesn’t have raised numbers, protecting card holders from Zip-Zap machines used to copy card details

3D Secure - Verified by VISA

With Verified by Visa, i-use card holders are protected at more than 300,000 online retailers throughout Europe


The i-use card must be signed on the back in order for it to be valid for use


The cards CVV number is used to authenticate online transactions

Electronic Use Only

The i-use card can only be used where it is possible for merchants to verify that sufficient funds are available, safeguarding against unauthorised usage

Visa Hologram

The VISA dove hologram glimmers under light at different angles. Check the hologram on your i-use card should you suspect it to be fraudulent

Card Fees

The fee summary below shows the main fees and limits of the i-use card. To download a fee schedule click here

Activation Fee Free
Get PIN / PIN Change / PIN Reminder Free
Card to Card Transfer (by SMS or Website) 2
Bank/Telegraphic Transfer (TT)/Salary load 0
Maximum Load Per Transaction (Bank/Telegraphic Transfer/Salary only) 20,000
Maximum Card Balance (15K Euro equivalent) 20,000
Retail Purchase Transaction 1.50
Retail Transaction Refund 1.50
Declined Transaction Fee 1.50
Maximum POS & Online Daily Spend 10,000
ATM Withdrawal - USD 2.00%
Min 3.50
Max 7.50
Maximum Number of Daily ATM Withdrawals 4
Foreign Exchange Markup (for transactions in a currency other than USD) 3.00%

This Fee Summary shows you the main fees and limits of the i-use card

Click to download a full Fee Schedule or the complete Terms And Conditions


We’ve provided answers to many of the questions people ask about the i-use card. Got a question that isn't here? Email us

i-use Card FAQs

How does the i-use card work?

The i-use card is a reloadable prepaid card that looks and functions just like any other VISA card without offering credit facility. Cards are activated, and provided a PIN, over the phone. You may use the card at any POS, online or ATM terminal displaying the VISA® trademark. In order to use the card, you must load funds onto the card. The value of a purchase is then deducted from the funds available on the card.

Does my credit rating or bank account balance matter?

No, you can apply for and obtain an i-use card regardless of your credit rating or bank account balance

How do I manage my Prepaid Account?

Cardholders can transact with and manage their card accounts with the ease of a mobile phone SMS, including making fund transfers, card loading, checking balances etc. The i-use online transacting platform enables all these operations to be performed conveniently

How do I load funds onto the card?

Cards may be loaded by a range of convenient means, including directly from bank accounts, from another i-use card and batch payroll payments. A card can be loaded over and over again and funds are available for use near real-time

Is my account, with full transaction detail and history available for viewing?

Yes, all account and transaction information is available 24/7 online via an account management facility. You can also check your balance and three last transactions anytime via SMS

How secure are these cards? What if a card is lost/stolen?

The cards can be personalised and a PIN is associated with every card. All payments are made through a secure channel. In the event that a card is lost or stolen it can be blocked immediately, locking the funds on the card, and replaced. Exposure to a loss is limited to the amount of funds that exist on the card at any point in time

How does the mobile functionality work?

For full information on the SMS functionality on your i-use card, please see SMS functionality

Can I block a card temporarily?

Yes, you may lock a card temporarily and unlock it at your convenience using SMS. Please see the SMS Functionality section for instructions

How can I apply for a card?

You can apply online by clicking Apply Now. You will need a clear scanned color copy of your Passport and Proof of Address (Utility bill, Rental Agreement or Bank Account) that is no more than 3 months old

When will I receive my card?

You should receive your i-use card within 14 working days of your application being approved. If you fail to receive your card after this please contact our customer support team, details of which can be found within the contact section of our site

May I apply for multiple cards?

The i-use card has a very high spending limit and therefore we have chosen to limit the amount of cards to two per person

When can I start using my Card?

Upon receipt of a prepaid card, cardholders must sign the back of the card in the box highlighted 'authorised signature' and then activate their card as per the instructions provided in the welcome pack. Cards must be activated over the phone before cardholders can access their funds or load funds onto their prepaid card

Is any interest earned on the prepaid account?

There is no interest accrued on the prepaid funds

What are the fees and terms and conditions?

The full Terms and Conditions with fees you can get here: Terms and Conditions

Do the cards have an expiry date?

Yes, the i-use card expires after 3 years. If the cardholder is actively using the card, a replacement will be offered. The validity period is printed on the front of the card

How do I get my PIN?

Your PIN is retrieved through IVR. To activate your i-use card, have your physical card, and your access code ready. Then call +44 207 272 0935 and follow the instructions

What is the minimum balance I have to keep on the card?

There is no minimum balance requirement on the i-use card

What is 3D secure?

3D Secure is a safety protocol developed by VISA to improve the security of online payments. It works as an added layer of security

Why is my card declined at self service petrol stations when I have enough money to cover the bill?

Self service petrol stations do not have the ability to check your balance online. For your security, we cannot authorise this type of transaction

What happens if my application is declined?

The cost of the application will be reversed back to your credit/debit card without extra cost

Can I use my card overseas?

You can use your i-use card anywhere in the world where the VISA Acceptance Mark is displayed

How do I log on to my account?

You can log on to your account here: Account Login

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About i-use

i-use is an extended payment consulting brand of CSP, offering integrated solutions for corporate clients with an emphasis on internet, international and instant transactions, through an innovative, co-branded prepaid card product.

CSP has a wealth of experience within the payments sector for over 10 years. This experience gives us a greater understanding of the needs and wants of our SME and corporate clients, helping us to better tailor our solutions to meet these. The payments sector is fast-moving, and at CSP we understand this, which is why we work to continually improve our solutions to better adapt and keep pace with the industry.

We offer our unique and innovative solutions to a range of different clients, including those whose business would typically be thought of as higher risk, such as forex trading , memberships and others. To find out more about our card solutions, our company and what we can offer you and your business please get in touch using the form provided.

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